Climbing Trees

The Summer's main goal for our little Matilda was to learn to climb trees. Being surrounded by so many climeable trees the temptation has been great for her so she has , I stand beneath her arms open wide ready to catch but she has yet to slip. Generally we have to get her up as her little legs don't quite reach the high branches, but once she's up there demonstrating her strength she does rather well.

The National Trust ran a survey on children's top activities recently as part of their Things to do before you're 11 and 3/4, and guess what tree climbing was right up there in the top three. An outdoor activity not only revered amongst children but their parents too. I think most of us have attempted to climb a tree at least once in our lives.

Matilda steely determination to conquer this goal in her mind is allowing for big progress, her love for nature is growing day by day. She loves to hug the trees, collecting their fallen leaves and now the conkers that fall from high to add to her 'collection'. Twigs, leaves and sticks live side by side with her toys, she spends ages arranging her 'collections' just little country girl.