An English Village Fete

There is not much that is more quintessentially English than a village fete. I love to attend a fete, there is something so wholesome about basking in the English sun playing fun games, listening to a brass band and eating cake.

Historically the village Fete was the one day a year given over to the community where they could sell their wares and generally have a good time, it was a holiday when all young and old came together to enjoy themselves. The principal remains the same today across the country for as soon as Spring appears so do the fetes.

Taking advantage of the September sun our neighbouring village Little Shelford was host to a fun weekend last Saturday and Sunday. Its Medieval theme drew guests from all the neighbouring villages and beyond, all raring to revel in the warm late Summer temperatures. A Medieval Feast on the Friday night kicked off the proceedings ending with a day of music and picnics on the Sunday.

We spent Saturday afternoon taking part in all the activities on offer. We ate delicious Venison burgers, devoured homemade cakes and watched a fascinating Falconry display by the super knowledgeable Fens Falcons. Matilda took part in the children's races and managed to try out every traditional game on offer, even managing to knock a coconut over where all adults (including us) had failed before her!

Seeing her have such great fun, make new friends and run around the fields was a truly magical moment for us. Any tiny doubts we may have had about making this move slipped away as we watched her play in the open countryside. Long live country life!