World Cup 2014 begins in Brasil and I'm wishing I was back there...

Nearly three years ago I turned 40, not ready to confront this milestone I refused any kind of celebration or party, but instead decided together with the husband that we should use the money to fund a trip to Brazil. A country I'd always dreamed of going to, exploring the colour and vitality of it's traditions and people.

We booked a three week trip kicking off in Salvador then travelling by car (inadvisable unless you speak Portuguese, I do thankfully) through the most incredibly beautiful scenery up to Patacho (about a 2 hour drive South of Recife). The build up to the world cup has got me reminiscing about our magical trip while feeling sad we're not city in the local village's main square watching the games surrounded by the friendliest people on earth intoxicated by their warmth and musicality.

Despite all the recent troubles I hope Brazil has an enormously successful World Cup, see you one day soon, in the meantime I'll be raising my caipirinha to the loveliest nation! Boa Sorte!