Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Book of Summer: How to stretch out those halcyon days

With Summer finally upon us there is one book that I always take down from my shelf at this time of year. The Book of Summer: How to stretch out those halcyon days by Josie Curran has become my warm weather bible over the last couple of years.

A beautifully written book bursting with ideas to occupy the family over the Summer months, from gorgeous recipes for food and drink using seasonal products, as well as suggestions for a perfect picnic. Take your pick of the adventures included, or try out the instructions on how to make a wind breaker or even a bikini from an old T shirt. I'm going to be attempting the wind breaker this Summer so watch this space...

This book evokes a nostalgic British Summer idyll, old fashioned fun exploring the outdoors day and night with activities aplenty. It is also beautifully illustrated with quaint ink drawings matching its vintagesque hard cover that is lovely to touch. It is the perfect book to keep on your bookshelf through Winter that inspires you through Spring and Summer. Enjoy the creation of enduring memories!