Discovering delights at the online store Kitty DoLittle

Anyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for accessories. My preference is for bold, statement jewellery, I'm not really a delicate kind of gal. As I've got older I've also found myself interested in the more ecologically aware brands as found on Kitty DoLittle. Andrea who runs the company has fantastic taste which ticks a lot of my boxes, her passion for every single discovery is displayed on each page of the website.

Kitty DoLittle recently underwent a facelift, whilst retaining its girlie appeal it is now more streamlined and easier to navigate, with clean, beautiful photography that gives a real idea of what a product looks like in the flesh. Do you find that you're often disappointed when something arrives that doesn't quite live up to your expectations? Not so with Kitty, the photos by Duncan Smith Photography give such a realistic impression of just how items will look in your hand.

Whilst on one of my regular browses, a few of the products jumped out at me, teasing me convincingly to add them to my ever growing collection. Here are a couple that have given me sleepless nights!

I love this cute gem, a bright vintage inspired yellow clutch by Marmoset Designs that will brighten up any outfit whether formal or relaxed. I've always loved Mary Poppins style carpet bags which this novelty clutch really reminds me of, don't you agree?

This spectacular necklace by Rosie Weinsencrantz has gotten me in a spin, delicately handmade using deep purple and pink crystal beads. The overall effect is big and would lie beautifully against tanned skin in Summer or make a stunning highlight to those Christmas party necklines. I absolutely need this in my collection.

A while back Andrea sent me a press copy of Covet London which is now in her online shop, a fantastically useful directory of London's most influential female businesses. Ranging from funky cafes, restaurants and bijoux boutiques amongst many others. It's a must have for anyone living or working in London. The directory was founded by Carlie Parkinson who took inspiration from Crave's similar guide to Toronto but adapted the concept to the London scene. Since receiving the book I've referred to it on countless occasions, and can often be found pouring over it with a cup of coffee, plotting my next trip around town. As much stylish as it is informative it reflects the trendsetting female entrepreneurs it celebrates. Clearly laid out with businesses divided into their respective local areas, or Industry professionals or online businesses, it is so simple to use. So go on support female led businesses by getting your copy here

With plenty more stunning pieces to be had do go take a wander round Kitty DoLittle then treat yourself to something unique and gorgeous whilst satisfying your eco consciousness by knowing you'll be buying a piece that comes from good beginnings.

All four product photos are by Duncan Smith Photography. The Covet London ones are my own.