An Edwardian Garden Party at Fulham Palace

After a hectic Saturday and with Daddy a little poorly, Matilda and I decided to take it easy today at home, pottering around the garden. Though both in need of a little stretching of our legs this afternoon we took ourselves to Fulham Palace. Only a short walk to an Edwardian Garden party that was in full swing when we arrived. Groups of friends with their picnics (a lot of Fulham Wholefoods bags were in evidence today) filled the lawns surrounding the palace with a brass band playing jolly music, there was a lovely atmosphere.

A craft table was over run with children making bonnets and top hats, the face painting table was so over booked it had closed it's doors by 2.45pm. Think next year they really ought to get more than one person face painting as there were a number of very disappointed children, including my own Matilda.

She did have a go nevertheless on the Swing boats which brought a big smile back on her face, and made herself a bonnet. We then moved on to the beautiful walled gardens where a giant chess set took her fancy. A tea and cake stall would have been a great addition to the party
After a couple of hours in the sun, we sloped off home to end the afternoon in the peace of our own lovely garden. A blissful Sunday at home.

The beautiful walled garden at Fulham Palace