Mooching around the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

Matilda and I braved the rain today, well in fact the sun was out for most of the time we were, and met up with a friend of mine to have a wander around the National Gallery.

For months I've been planning on taking Matilda up there but with one thing or another the opportunity has not arisen. However, when I learnt she'd been looking at Van Gogh's Sunflowers as part of the Growing theme at Nursery, I could not let the occasion go by without a trip to see the real thing.

Interestingly she recognised the painting straight away and was delighted to see it. Like her Mother it was clear after today that her favourite period in art is definitely nineteenth century onwards, though she appeared to develop quite a fascination with the naked cherubs adorning the Renaissance works of art.

I think possibly her favourite part of afternoon (apart from the large slice of chocolate she had for tea) was getting involved with the street performers as you can see below...