Finding tranquility in Wimbledon, at a Buddhist Temple?!

Wimbledon, home to the most famous tennis tournament in the world is also home to the most unlikeliest of places: a Thai Buddhist Temple, Buddhapadipa Temple. I first learnt of this place from a wonderful Portuguese artist who happened to also be Mother to one of old clients. She spent many hours working in the gardens, and kept urging me to visit.

It took me about 6 years but finally last week on a wonderfully sunny afternoon I whizzed 10 minutes up the road to discover a whole different world.

An ornate, glistening temple presides over the tranquil gardens that are dominated by a large lake that you can cross by a number of wooden bridges. One could forgiven for thinking one had been transported to the East, there is not much here to remind us that we're actually in leafy green England. Sadly we didn't actually go into the temple as there seemed to be a talk going on which I didn't want to disturb, but a good explore around the grounds left Matilda and I relaxed and wanting to return for another afternoon's peaceful wanderings.

The temple will be hosting a Thai food and culture festival on the last weekend of June which sounds like a lot of fun and a good way to see the beauty of this place.