Matilda the Chef

Matilda is now at the age where she is taking a lot more interest in food; how it's made and where it comes from. She loves nothing more than helping in the kitchen, yesterday we made biscuits and today she turned her hand to scrambled eggs for breakfast. She always takes great persuasion to eat eggs so her Daddy imagined a new secret ingredient that will make any eggs tasty: Ketchup or as it's otherwise known chup chup. This comes from my Mother who found it difficult to pronounce the word ketchup so reverted to the easier chup chup, I always found it rather amusing as a child and adult, so taught Matilda to call it the same. One of our family quirks...

This morning I was awarded a little lie in whilst Matilda and Daddy crashed around in the kitchen...this was the result. I must say the scrambled eggs were very tasty, Matilda's very first signature dish!

All photos are by the husband Glen as I was lounging in bed!