Sunday in the park with sunshine...

After a few weekends of being housebound struggling to shake off a flu virus we finally ventured out to enjoy the remarkably warm weather today. Feeling like we needed proper clean countryside air we jumped in the car with a picnic and drove up the M40 to the beautiful Harcourt Arboretum just south of Oxford. Part of the University of Oxford Botanical gardens Harbour is a peaceful haven. The perfect spot for a picnic in the sun, our first of the year, then for a long stroll through the woods filled with sunny Daffodils. The bluebells are yet to arrive, and it would seem to be a perfect place to see them too as the Bluebell woods cover a large area.

We nevertheless delighted in the blankets of daffodils, Matilda especially enjoyed making new friends whilst playing in the beautiful wooden Playhouse.With 130 acres of meadows and woods there is plenty to see, seasonal highlights also include the wild flower meadows and rhododendron paths. There is also a programme of workshops and Summer lectures that looked fascinating. We're determined not to miss out on those!

Be warned there is no cafe or shop here, you do need to bring a picnic with you if you're here for the day. Matilda enjoyed climbing, gathering sticks and stones, jumping in the squelchy mud and dancing around. It's the perfect place to encourage children to take notice of their surroundings and be happy to play with nature whilst filling their lungs with unpolluted air.