Spring Garden playtime...

Today signalled the official start of Spring in our house. Doors were thrown open, washing hung out and Matilda's shed came to life. This is where she likes to hang out when the warm sun appears, she has boxes filled with toys, a wooden farm her ironing board and iron amongst many other treasures. Whilst she played I took a few moments to observe the garden that's just beginning to wake up from it's Winter break. There is a bit of tidying up to be done but today I just enjoyed feeling the warmth on my face.

A glorious afternoon lifts all our spirits, however it is the little ones who've had months of being couped up indoors out of the rain that really feel the benefit. It was a joy to see her running around, rediscovering her slide, her little car and the toys we'd left in her shed over Winter. Her shed was originally our dumping place until Glen took it upon himself to transform it into a Beach hut playhouse for her, when the pair of us were away a couple of years ago visiting my parents. It was a wonderful surprise for our return and she has certainly made a lot more use of it than we ever did.

Welcome back Spring!