A weekend of the best company, photography and sunshine...

What a weekend! The sun shone brightly for us invading every nook and cranny with it's hot rays. I can't believe I was actually in short sleeves today and no boots. For us it was particularly special as we seem to have shaken off colds and bugs so could enjoy being well. I had a very special day of photography for bloggers yesterday with a rather wonderful group of ladies, led by the ever inspiring Emily of the Startup Wife. I attended her Makelight Workshop back in September which I wrote about here, and at the time we all requested a Part Two because we'd had such a productive, inspirational day. Thankfully Emily was happy to indulge us! There'll be more on that tomorrow as I've got hundreds of photos to edit, and quite frankly today we've been making the most of the heat.

We had a fabulous afternoon with friends hanging out in their garden, sipping cold sparkling wine enjoying the first barbecue of the season. How thrilling that we could do that in Mid March? Such a joy after the incessant Winter rain. What did you do this weekend?

A little taster from my day with Emily.

Girls having fun in the sun

Stunning Camelias in our friend's garden today.