Wild weather...

Living in London one is protected from the risk of serious flooding, it's only when you drive 20 minutes down the M4 that you see what people have had to suffer for the last few weeks.

Whole fields are submerged, as you look out trees poke out of the water. More rain is predicted bringing with it yet more misery as people fight to protect their precious homes.

We drove out to Shamley Green in Surrey yesterday to see friends, the river is almost at the same level as the road, their drive is awash with water and large holes created by the wild weather. A number of trees on their property have fallen victim to the recent storms and gale force winds, so sad to see nature suffering, at it's own hands too.

Today we saw more flooded fields, riverbanks overflowing, this time in Berkshire around Marlow. In Marlow itself the river is level with the footpath threatening the riverside houses that line it's bank. Yet the sky tonight belied the weather that will hit these communities again causing more heartache and ravaging our countryside along on its journey. Stay safe everyone.