Nomad Bookshop, Fulham

Nomad Books has resided at the Fulham end of the long Fulham Road for over 20 years. It has adapted and changed according to the times, and with the addition of a tiny cafe, a few years ago selling a selection of cakes, biscuits and drinks it encourages customers to stay and hang out. In a road over run with hairdressers and estate agents, Nomad is an oasis of calm and creativity. Fulham's very own answer to Marylebone's Daunt Books (another of my favourites).

I've always made a point of buying from here, they have a great selection of stationery and greeting cards as well as an extensive book collection. If they don't have a particular book on the shelf they will happily order in for you. The back room has been given over to the local children. A basket overflowing with well thumbed books, and velvet seating forms a reading corner where you are encouraged to browse, try out new books, put your feet up and get reading with your little ones.

This is a community focused bookshop with an evening book club for adults and story time sessions for children as well as an art class for pre schoolers. The staff give the impression of genuinely loving their job, customer service is always delivered with a smile, nothing is too much trouble and time is always taken to chat.

It is a favourite little trip of ours to pop down for a flat white for me and a smartie cookie for her, then we escape to the reading nook where we discover more treasures that 'Mummy I want to take this one home'!

Inevitably yes, each time we visit we come away with a book to add to Matilda's ever increasing collection. I don't mind as these guys can without a doubt benefit from our support, with so many independent shops closing down in the area I fear for their existence. Personally I prefer to leaf through a book before I buy, I have bought books online but more often than not I can be found disappearing deep into a bookshop for hours on end. Matilda is being encouraged to do the same, in a society that will be ever more online I want her to experience books in a physical manner. We don't own a Kindle and don't intend to change that.

So if you're a Fulham local please go and pay them a visit. Have a coffee and snack, buy some books and keep Nomad alive for generations to come! Support your local bookshop!