Happy Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day is particularly special to me as it also marks the Anniversary of my first date with the husband. Eight years ago today I was a nervous wreck at work, I spent my lunch hour getting my hair and nails done before our big date in Marylebone High Street (I worked around the

We hit it off instantly and have barely been apart since. He proposed 11 months later and we married just over a year later. He is my soulmate, my partner in crime, my best friend, the best Father to our precious little girl. Considerate, kind, loving, always thoughtful I'm forever grateful that fate brought us together.  Matilda and I appreciate everything you do each day for our little family, and for just being you. You make us feel safe, loved, and your humour fills our home with laughter everyday.

Glen thank you for being my husband, I will love you til the day I die and beyond.

Happy Valentine's Day!