A Spring like weekend in Brighton

Our escape from London took place early Friday morning. Matilda and I jumped in the car and off we went, Glen joined after work in the evening. So we had a girlie afternoon of a leisurely lunch at our favourite Marmalade which I wrote about here, then a stroll around Kemptown. We bought fruit and veg, delicious handmade sausages, fresh bread and some sweet macarons. Matilda gobbled them down far too quickly for photos I'm afraid. We then headed back to the flat to read, play Snakes and Ladders, and to work on our joint scrapbook, a new little project we've just started on. Keeping a scrap book kept me occupied for hours as a child, constantly searching for new images or quotes to stick in. Sadly none were kept so I'm guarding ours and will keep them all for her.

Saturday was a beach day, the glorious blue skies and warm sun masked the chill in the air allowing for much seaside fun. I stole a couple of hours in the afternoon for a wander through the Laines spending far too long in one of my favourite vintage emporium's The Snoopers Paradise. More on my purchases later, yes it is impossible to come away empty handed with so much to choose from.

Today it wasn't as bright so we enjoyed a rather long lie in, the result of all of us having colds, the end of a long week fighting illness. Our weekend ended in Lewes with a fantastic lunch and another mooch around an Antiques Centre.

A perfect end to a hectic half term week. Now back to reality and routine once again. What did you get up this weekend?

Blue skies are the best

Sussex Square
Please can I have some more...?

Secret Garden

Blue on blue

Daddy being a plane

Ooops come back Matilda!

The cutest little slippers

Not quite sure how this rainbow got here?!