Christmas is upon us...

As soon as the Husband's and Matilda's birthdays are over, I can allow Christmas to arrive in our home.

Last Monday the tree was brought and up it went, each year I get a moment of anxiety as I try the lights then relief as they switch on and radiate their warm glow.

Each year I traditionally buy at least one new decoration to be displayed on the tree. This year I bought a couple of perfect glass toadstools from Eversoflo that I wrote about here. They have taken pride of place on the tree, though out of reach of Matilda. She has taken to adorning the tree with her own accessories such as her head bands, bows and free magazine toys. Interesting styling to say the least. As each year passes she gets more and more excited about Christmas and all that it brings. As soon as she wakes up she wants the Christmas lights on and admires the wreath on the door each time she arrives home.

It's lovely to see Christmas through less jaded eyes remembering the excitement I felt as a child, helping my Mother with all the preparations. This week we made mince pies and the aroma bought back many childhood memories spent round the kitchen table preparing the huge delicious feast, working into the early hours. My Father would always lay the table beautifully with my Mother's best crockery and crystal glasses, the anticipation of the days leading up to Christmas Eve was so terribly exciting. Now it's time for us to create some new memories for Matilda, I want her to look back with fondness to her childhood Christmases. Tis the season for reflection and being grateful for what we have as well as appreciating the time we have with our families.

What Christmas memories do you have?