Missing: Iara Russo. Please help.

A couple of years ago a happy, loved and beautiful little girl Iara was ripped away from her Father and her home in Portugal by her own Mother. Her Father is my cousin, who has been searching for her ever since.

Goncalo has done everything in his power to find them but no avail. It's as if they've vanished into thin air, there have been alleged sightings in Northern England (Manchester area) and Brazil, where her Mother has family. He has followed all leads, made appeals on Portuguese television and press but nothing has worked. He is tortured by her absence and desperate to know his little girl is safe. If anyone has seen this little girl or her Mother Zita pictured below please get in touch either here and I will forward on to Goncalo.

We live in the hope that Iara will one day soon be reunited with her loving Father.