A Sunny Sunday at The Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Today was a perfect Autumn day, the sun urging all to bask in its warmth. With the imminent arrival of colder, darker days it is imperative to open those doors and let in the warm air. Taking advantage of being outside in this weather was our priority today, so off we went to see the recently opened Serpentine Sackler Gallery.

An 1805 gunpowder store has been given a new lease of life by the award winning architect Zaha Hadid bringing more important free exhibitions to London. The impressive curved white roof of the new cafe/restaurant sweeps to the ground appeals to the child in me. Matilda too could hardly contain her excitement in going in to this building, after queueing for about 30 minutes to be let in. Sadly she was a little disappointed to find it was just a cafe. Though this is a cafe that serves caravan coffee (ticked a big box for Mummy!).

A beautiful space with cool white walls contrasting with the cleaned exposed brickwork. Though it was the loose terracotta floor tiles that created musical notes as you walked across them, that were the biggest hit with us. So too was the Argentinian artist Adrian Villar Rojas' exhibition. Sculptures depicting everyday objects, people and animals made from unfired clay will inevitably mimic the slow decomposition of life, as they crack and decay.

We then headed for a quick climb of the structure, designed by the Sou Fujimoto, outside the main Serpentine Gallery, which Matilda loved as you can see below. It was heaving so we didn't stay too long but what a brilliant idea, loved it!

Such a lovely afternoon rounded off by the collection of conkers from beneath the trees in Hyde Park for some conker fighting this week!