The Hackney Carnival 2013...

We were due at our friend's in Dalston for 2pm yesterday, we left with bags of time. So much so I'd hoped to take a peek at Ray's Stitch in Islington and the fab North One Garden Centre. Sadly that was not meant to be, we were stuck in traffic pretty much all way the to Dalston, when we turned into Kingsland Road we were then greeted by road closures, bollards and lo and behold the Hackney Carnival!

I just couldn't believe our luck. My first reaction was to frown and whinge at the thought of sitting in yet more traffic, but then as the colourful floats drifted past I allowed myself to enjoy this privileged position I'd found myself in.

Despite the particularly grim weather yesterday afternoon, the participants, and a lot of them weren't wearing a great deal, seemed to be having a ball! Well done to all all involved for braving the rain and wind to entertain not only the community but the visitors stuck in their cars too. Lucky me I had a great view of all the floats!