A Day with Emily Quinton #Makelight Photography Workshop

A day spent in the company of six fascinating women, creativity, cake, conversation, learning and coffee in the cool surroundings of a studio in Shoreditch could not be more perfect. So lucky me, that's what I got to do yesterday. Led by the awe inspiring Emily Quinton who's work I love, she was kind enough to let us in to her secrets and enlighten us on how she produces such beautiful photography. I only wish every day could be spent doing this.

Her infectious passion for photography whisks you away to a place deep in your imagination, freeing the creativity that has been engulfed by daily life. I came away bursting with motivation, ready to put into practice the profound knowledge and experience she passed on to us eager students.

Good light, no flash and the rule of thirds are now firmly ensconced in my mind! Though of course one day was just not enough as we only just managed to scratch the surface. Thankfully, I think we managed to persuade Emily to share another day with us for Part Two. Yippee.

Do take a look at what I got up to yesterday:

PS: A big thank to the husband who gave me this day for my birthday!