A creative Saturday...

Since leaving University twenty years ago I've not taken any further creative courses (other than a First Aid/Marketing course). Work was all consuming taking up much of my life, so I resigned myself to living creatively through my actors. Then I had Matilda and rediscovered my love of painting and making with her. Throughout my University years I yearned to be a Set and Costume designer, sadly that fell by the wayside after leaving. I should have gone straight to art school after university but I entered the world of work instead, which made going back into education difficult. Don't get me wrong I adored my career and looking back now, I really wouldn't have changed it for the world.

Since starting this blog two years ago my passion for taking photos has been rekindled. I wouldn't count myself amongst the most talented photographers by any stretch, but I thoroughly enjoy being behind the camera. When I was young my father used to say 'Can you stop taking photos of everything including the wind', he was clearly thinking about the chemist receipts from all the developing of the film. No such complaints possible these days in the advent of digital technology.

So, when I spotted the uber talented Photographer (amongst many other occupations, don't know how she does it as well as being a Mother of four!!) Emily Quinton of The Start Up Wife was running workshops. I jumped straight in and booked myself a place. Just take a look at this stunning photo below, it's a beautiful example of her work. Do go and explore her blog which is a veritable feast for the eyes.

The workshop is taking place tomorrow, and I am beside myself with excitement. A whole day of uninterrupted creativity with like minded bloggers. Not sure what to expect entirely, but if her blog is anything to go by I'm going to love the day, and come away full of inspiration and new skills. So watch this space!