Weekend sunshine shenanigans

What a glorious weekend, filled with wall to wall sunshine. It was the kind of weekend meant for languid afternoons barbecuing, drinking rose, watching children play with water pistols until they are deliriously drenched. That was exactly what we did on Saturday in our friend's wonderful garden in Dalston. We didn't leave until after 9pm when the children were ready to collapse euphoric after a full afternoon playing in the heat.

Friday evening was Filipino night when my good friend Brenda treated us to a banquet of delicious food and rather a lot of Prosecco. We chatted, giggled and ate until the early hours of the night. Apologies to my neighbours if they're reading

That's me in the middle after a couple of glasses!

Sunday was all about tennis and Andy Murray in particular, though we did manage to squeeze in an early country picnic before play. An afternoon of celebration following the historic game ensued with sparkling wine and a barbecued dinner in the garden. Matilda was dunked in the bath and we enjoyed the rest of the evening chatting in the light breeze that enveloped the garden.

Matilda tries to trespass.

The best burgers from one of our favourite butchers The Parson's Nose.

A perfect Summer weekend.