Hot hot hot

Don't know about you but this kind of heat makes me lethargic, all I want to do is sit in the sea, eat Ice cream and drink gallons of sparkling water. Alas, it's not holiday time just yet, work calls and commitments abound. So forgive me for being rather conservative with words but my energy levels tonight have reached an all time low!

This was our weekend...

  • Making a big fish stew for the arrival of the Father In Law.
  • Watching the cricket.
  • Finally grabbing a couple of hours to have a pedicure and manicure.
  • Doing the chores including the gardening.
  • Sewing Polar Bear costumes for Matilda's school production.
  • Driving the husband and his Father to Hyde Park to see The Rolling Stones.
  • Getting stuck in traffic.
  • Eating pizza and Ice cream for dinner with the toddler.
  • Drinking rose with one of the mums from school to celebrate finishing the costumes.
  • Sharing a bed with Matilda and having cuddles.
  • Eating scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast.
  • Battling through London Sunday traffic then the M11.
  • Dropping off the Father in Law followed by a nice drive through the Essex countryside trying to find a pub for lunch.
  • Discovering the lovely Saracens Head Hotel where we enjoyed a very satisfying lunch served by the gloriously sunny Lizzie, who must be the happiest waitress I've ever had the pleasure to meet.
  • Getting stuck in yet more traffic on the M25 and M4.
  • Early night yet a sleep interrupted by over heating.
Pappa Ciccia's pizza

Pork and apple burger which was delicious

Crayons in pubs

Honey and lavender cheesecake with blueberry compote

Summer trifle

Heavy traffic on the M4

The heat took it's toll...

My best friend this weekend was my Friend Jojo's superfast Singer