My Father

Thank you Papa for always being there for me no matter how much you disapproved or didn't understand. You fought tooth and nail to give me a better life, worked every hour you could, slept a couple of hours per nights in order to give me an education and a good start. You had me at 44 years old shortly after arriving in the UK, having left your mother country to find your fortune. I cannot think of a stronger, more courageous man who faces each challenge and heartache head on.

For all this I will be forever indebted to you. You are in my heart every day of my life and will always be. I am blessed that at 86 years old *coughs ahem* you are only 40 in your mind, despite the aches and pains you battle through and nothing seems to hinder your beautiful spirit. You are an inspiration to me, I only wish I had the half the energy you do!

It is mesmerising to watch my daughter who also loves your wonderful smile  as well as your patience with her. Together you giggle and chat away. I just wish there wasn't so much sea and land separating us, you are with us always despite the distance.

I love you from the bottom of my heart Papa and count my blessings to have you as my Father. Happy Father's Day from your biboquinhas xx