A Walk in the Park

With the sun blazing today, and Matilda in need of a run around, I scooped her up called a friend and headed to Bishops Park for a couple of hours.

We're extremely lucky to have this park five minutes walk away, which we certainly make the most of. I often nip down with Matilda for the odd hour when we are both could do with some air to clear the mind.

As it was such a scorcher of a day the water fountains were fully operational. No matter how hard I tried Matilda ran straight in fully clothed. Not particularly a fan of being in wet clothes, she soon stripped off and headed into the fountains then kept repeatedly running back onto the sand, smothering herself in that then back to the fountains. This little routine went on for a good hour. I still find it amazing how such a simple activity can keep her entertained for so long.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed a peaceful hour or so chatting to friends whilst watching the girls finally be able to play and get wet in the hot sun. Could this be the beginning of Summer at last?