Matilda's Tree

This is Matilda's favourite tree. I would have hoped she'd go for a cherry tree or magnolia or even the lilac tree in our garden, but no. In fact this tree is pretty popular with a huge number of small Fulham residents.

This tree lives in Fulham Palace, an ancient tree that stands proudly overlooking the palace. Children seem to gravitate towards it as soon as they arrive. Ever since she could walk Matilda would run towards it. She adores playing hide and seek under it or gathers sticks whilst pretending to be in a deep dark forest. Yesterday being the last day of this little mini heatwave we've been having, I downed tools and whisked Matilda off for a picnic with a friend. She is obsessed with picnics this year immediately requesting crisps and strawberries with hummus sandwiches (yes in that order). So we've been making the most of being outside in the fresh air with our picnic blanket and basket.

Matilda loves exploring, since she is still too small for climbing trees she compensates by shaking them to get twigs down. She seemed to take on board my explanation for not doing that as it is painful for trees to be shook in such a way, we need to look after our trees. She is also showing a keen interest in flowers, she can now name bluebells, daffodils and tulips. When she got home yesterday, she headed straight out into the garden to her little shed/beach hut. I suddenly heard her yelling for me 'Mummy Mummy I have to show you something' my heart leapt and I ran out to find her standing under our lilac tree pointing at the 'purple flowers Mummy, look'. They had indeed all started flowering almost overnight. I remember my fascination with nature, trees and flowers as a child. I still am fascinated so it's lovely she's has that interest. Long may it continue.