Matilda's Spring endeavours...

The theme for this term at Matilda's nursery has been 'growing'. Teaching children about the joys of Spring when nature begins to flourish, trees become alive again with blossom and leaves, flowers open up to reveal beautiful inspiring colours and we are provided with delicious produce to consume. It is a truly enchanting time of year, and one that I love.

Matilda has been growing her own cress at nursery, which was finally ready to come home and jump straight into egg and cress sandwiches. Amazingly Matilda pleaded with me to make her an egg sandwich, which as she has never managed to knowingly eat an egg made me a little reluctant to waste one. However, after much cajoling I boiled one which she then helped to break up, mixed it with a little mayonnaise and her beloved produce sprinkled over the top. And you know what? She gobbled up the whole lot, I couldn't believe my eyes. Friday was a day of firsts for her, as she also ate 2 vine cherry tomatoes. Never before has she let those pass her lips.

The children have been spending time in the small garden at the school so on Friday she also came home armed with a bag of freshly picked Pansies...not entirely convinced that was allowed as these petals looked rather perfect.

Oh well, she made her Mummy very happy. I am in love with this phase in her life,  we get her artworks she creates at nursery on a daily basis, she sings a new song or nursery rhyme each day and loves nothing more than to be read a story, or to retell a story told to her at school. Her favourite at the moment to tell us is Jack and the Beanstalk. Lovely, lovely times at the moment.

A big cheesy smile after helping to make her very first Egg and cress sandwich.