Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

Running a business with a toddler in tow can sometimes be a challenge for the both of us. Now that she's started nursery at proper school, I feel much more obliged to do interesting activities during the holidays. Even though she is quite used to be dragged along by Mummy whilst she's working (Matilda's been doing that since she was a baby), she does get regularly rewarded for good behaviour.

Today, I had to do some flat hunting for a client in the morning, then some shopping in Knightsbridge at lunchtime. When we're in that neighbourhood one of our regular haunts is the Natural History Museum. 

Matilda is a huge fan and, in particular, of the dinosaurs. Today I decided to take her to the Sensational Butterfly exhibition in the temporary tent in the grounds of the museum. To be honest it was also the one place in South Kensington that didn't have endless queues to get in. A mere £4 per adult and free for under 4's, it was an inexpensive treat. 

(desperately willing that butterfly to jump onto her hand)

We met up with a friend who's boy is Matilda's age, they had a ball trying to catch butterflies, watching them hatch, chasing them around (though you're not meant to do that). It is a beautiful experience to have them flying all around you, landing on the most inappropriate places on occasion. Reminded me of my trip to India many moons ago. We stayed in a beautiful hill station, when one morning I was ambling down the path to breakfast, minding my own business, I was suddenly caught in a swarm of multicoloured butterflies, it was the most magical sensation. I felt like I was in the butterfly version of Hitchcock's Birds although much more pleasurable as they are so delicate and light. 

So if you're wondering what to do with the kids this week, think no further, this is a definite must which won't break the bank! The whole family will love the experience. A little tip go here first, keep your tickets which will allow you to jump the queues to get into the main museum (just wave them at the stewards at the entrances).