Proud Wife...

The husband is undertaking possibly his biggest challenge to date. On the 12th of May he'll be participating in the London bridges Stroke Association Charity cycle. He will be cycling a whopping 55 miles across all of London's Bridges! Matilda and I are so proud of his efforts and can't wait to watch him cross the finishing line!

He will be raising money for Soft UK, a wonderful little known charity that provides support and advice for parents of babies with Trisomy 13 and 18 (otherwise known as Patau and Edwards Syndrome). It is a cause close to our hearts as nearly five years ago we lost our baby to Edwards Syndrome. The most devastating time of our lives, we found comfort in Soft knowing they were other families going through a similar situation. Their advice and the information they provided were invaluable to us at that time.

So, please do have a look at his fund raising page and Soft UK website, any donation however big or small will make a huge diference to these guys. Thank you in advance!

Here he is with his team mates and Baby Matilda at the last London-Windsor race he completed a couple of years ago.