Our Family Sunday

Another quiet day in our household was mostly spent:

  • Having scrambled egg on soda bread whilst Matilda tucked into her favourite chocolate croissant.
  • Going to Sunday morning Children's mass.
  • Hanging out the washing in the sun.
  • Driving through Richmond Park looking for deer
  • Coffee, Beetroot cake and a wander round the beautiful Petersham Nurseries.
  • Buying dill, flowers, seeds and a new pot.
  • Eating a 99 flake in Richmond Park.
  • Watching Arsenal draw with Manchester United.
  • TV dinner.
  • Re hydrating with diet coke and sparkling water.
  • Watching Free Willy.
  • Keeping up to date with the Olivier winners.
  • Watching Bare Foot Comtessa.
  • An early night with my book ready to sleep the sleep of the righteous.