A weekend of rain and sun

Yesterday was all about sheltering from the wind and rain. Today was all about basking in the glorious Spring sunshine. Here's what we got up to this weekend of contrasts:

  • Dinner at home with our great friends was very welcome after enduring the traffic on the M4.
  • Drinking a little bit too much Chablis.
  • Driving towards the most perfect rainbow.
  • Baking these easy Nutella swirl banana muffins
  • Making a big pot of delicious Spag bol.
  • Spending the afternoon at the theatre seeing The AMAZING Book of Mormon (a treat from my gorgeous husband).
  • Feeling a teeny weeny bit hungover.
  • Tucking into a huge bowl of Spag bol.
  • Watching the weirdly disturbing yet brilliant film Sightseers.
  • Boiled eggs on toast.
  • Spending the afternoon messing around in Corams Fields.
  • Loving watching Matilda make new friends who were now her 'best friends'.
  • Watching Matilda conquer the big climbing frame.
  • Having our first picnic of the year.
  • Basking in sunny happy London.
  • Being happy that the washing that's been on the line in the garden since last Wednesday was finally dry.
  • Having a family dinner whilst catching up on Doctor Who.
  • Finally looking forward to an early night with my new book.