Weekend shenanigans...

So Saturday was to be Matilda's debut performance on the stage in her ballet show...a tumble, a fight through the crowds to get into the theatre and a distinct hatred for her costume led to her standing in the wings clinging to Mummy's hand point blank refusing to go on.

I couldn't deny my disappointment at that moment. For a girl who oozes confidence and life she just bottled it. Stage fright took over denying our little moment of pride as she clucked around the stage being a chicken. My disappointment quickly turned to sympathy as her little face was filled with sadness insisting 'I want to go home'. Aww my little girl suddenly demonstrating such unusual vulnerability. Normally the life and soul she looked so small, my heart melted as I consoled her in my arms. We bought her home and her Godsisters (who'd come to see her show with us) soon made her forget the afternoon's events and she had a wonderful evening playing, chatting being back to her old self.

My Mother always says that if one of her children has a headache she'll ache all over, I now understand what she means. I felt Matilda's fear throughout my entire being, the connection you have with your child affects you both physically and psychologically. I am immensely proud of her which will undoubtedly continue throughout my life. I doubt I'll ever cease to marvel at her expressive, sunny face, her presence in mine and her Daddy's life.