Welcome to February...

So far it's been a pretty grim start to 2013. Poorly friends, separations, deaths and now a close family member ill. It's not the start to the year that one would have wished for.

Having reached my 40's I guess this is the age these problems and worries begin to rear their ugly heads, which is made all the more acute for having a three year old, who so desperately relies on us being healthy for her. My mind often wonders whether the years of excessive partying, late nights and little sleep will eventually take their toll. Not for a long time yet I hope.

The new year should bring with it optimism but not this year, it's been bad news after bad news for the whole month.

So with big open arms, I welcome February and with it the arrival of snowdrops signalling the promise of life, a light at the end of the Winter tunnel. Lets hope that light shines on all of us.