roomtobreathe, what do we do?

I'm often asked what our virtual assistant/concierge company does. To answer in brief, we do just about anything (within reason of course!). From resolving insurance claims, to finding builders, to decluttering, to house hunting, to booking holidays, to filling fridges, to dealing with unruly tenants and the list goes on.

The biggest pleasure we can take from our work, are the little jobs that really can make a difference to a client's life, that can give them comfort such as ensuring their pets are safe.

Last weekend our client was away for the weekend, so off we went twice a day to feed their elderly cat. Socks is the sweetest, friendliest cat who was so appreciative of the love we showed him. Each time I turned the key in the door there he was sitting patiently waiting for his next feed and cuddle. He thoroughly enjoyed playing hide and seek with me, trickster trickster, under the dining table and watched for me whilst he gulped down his food. He was a very appreciative little client that made my weekend with his affection. He is my little friend who I was sorry to say good bye to on Sunday morning, until the next feeding time Socks.

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