Music clears the mind

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Following a pretty stressful and painful week, the most effective way to empty my mind is to have a great big sing song and dance around the front room, to one of my favourite songs by Florence and The Machine.

This song also reminds of a momentous time in my life, when I was pregnant with Matilda. The husband treated me to see Florence at the Shepherds Bush Empire, I'd never felt the baby so prominently as that night. Whilst we jumped wildly to this song, Matilda followed suit in her little snuggly nest inside Mummy. A beautiful memory I have, that I like to replay in my mind every time I'm feeling a little blue. No wonder she loves music and dancing so much now, it all started all the way back then at that gig.

Do you have a particular song that lifts your spirits as soon as you hear the first bars?