Happy Valentine's Day

Seven years ago today I met my future husband, soulmate, best friend and father of my precious girl.

He has been my constant since the day we met, barely spending a day apart. We've been through some very tough times together and, no doubt there will be a few more, but our love for each other grows stronger by the day enabling us to face whatever may be thrown at us.

When our daughter Matilda was born we felt complete. Amazed at this being we had created and brought into the world. Matilda is a symbol of our love sharing our world now. We are so grateful for this gift. So I would like to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful husband and daughter. I love you both with all my heart and, as Matilda would say 'all da way daround da world'.

The most special gifts we received today were from Matilda made by her at school, two sweet heart shaped shortbread biscuits and a beautiful heart card. Nothing could give me more pleasure, than her excitement in giving me the card when I arrived to pick her up at lunchtime. We didn't get to try the biscuits as she didn't quite grasp the fact they were for Mummy and Daddy!

Happy Valentine's Day.