Charing Cross Hospital is saved

How pleased was I last night to hear that our local hospital would not only remain open but be awarded a £90 million cash injection? Very.

Having lived about 10 minutes away from Charing Cross for the last 34 years, it has always been my family's destination in an emergency. My Father not only received treatment there for Prostate Cancer but went through three operations and a mini stroke here. Each time we were treated with kindness and efficiency. No complaints at all.

I actually found myself at their A&E yesterday afternoon. A few weeks ago I bumped into a kitchen cupboard, after a few days a lump appeared in my breast bone area. With time the lump grew, became very red and sore. Eventually I dragged myself to the GP yesterday to be told it was a 'collection of bloods' that needed to be drained at the A&E department. Oh joy I thought, hours of waiting with Matilda in tow. Only a 15 minute walk from home, we arrived 4.30pm armed with books, drawing equipment and magazines for me. Though after only an hour's wait (not long considering I wasn't in a life threatening situation) I was taken in by a lovely male nurse who then proceeded to treat me. So I was all done in an hour and a half. Had Charing Cross not been there I would have had to drive goodness knows where, pay a fortune in parking and it would have taken a heck of a lot longer.

Despite the rather painful procedure I endured yesterday, there are a lot of people much worse off than me who would most certainly perish without the security of having an A&E so nearby.

I'm so relieved that the voice of the people was heard on this occasion. About time our opinion mattered.

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