Wonder who slept here?

Isn't this just the most bijoux child's bed? I came across it in a Vintage shop in East Dulwich a while back and fell in love with it. I couldn't justify buying it as it would be too small for Matilda who adores her own cotbed. Though, I could have kicked myself, why didn't we come across anything like this when we were searching for her bed? Grandiose yet elegant this would have fitted beautifully into her vintage look bedroom. I guess that is the thing about vintage, when you spot something you like buy it immediately because if you go back it'll undoubtedly be gone. I've learnt that lesson all too many times as I'm not a terribly impulsive shopper. I tend to go away, spend a number of days eating, sleeping and breathing that item in my head, until I finally give in. Like the time I bought a DVD player, it took me months to decide on which one, it became the joke in the office at the time. They cheered when eventually I clicked the buy now button.

So the moral of today's post is life is too short, if you spot something you like and can afford it throw caution to the wind. Go for it!