Times, they are a changing...

Today was a big day. Matilda took her first step into the world of education, for it was her first day at proper 'big school' nursery.

She has joined the local school's nursery for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Her school is in fact the same Primary I attended in Fulham from when I was 7 years old. It felt very peculiar to walk through the playground I spent many happy hours in, reliving my own steps. Interestingly most of the teachers I remember from my schooldays belong to this Primary School, thinking back now they were truly inspirational.

Looking at how the two ladies operate who run this nursery, I think Matilda will look back and feel the same way.

Matilda, immediately slotted in and leapt straight into making snowflakes and playing with her favourite thing of the moment, the dreaded playdoh. Her Father and I stayed visible in classroom for her first hour today. Tomorrow she'll be in by herself for two hours with me hanging around in the school office nervously biting my nails, then the full three hours the following day.

Despite this being her first time amongst such a large group of children, her self confidence proved itself today enabling her to feel right at home, as if she'd been here all along. I think the true test will come tomorrow without the safety net of Mummy and Daddy being within reach when in her mind, she'll need to fend for herself whilst ensuring her presence is felt. I suspect her intense interest in learning and socialising will prevail and she'll have a ball. This for me is a crucial part of her going to Nursery, having a good time in preparation for the more serious work that'll begin once she at primary school age. Learning should be fun and, I have no doubt that the two ladies in charge will be an inspiration to Matilda throughout her school years. Exciting for her though I, however, am left hankering after my baby girl.