Second day at Nursery

So apparently our little girl is one of the most confident starters the Nursery teachers have ever met! I'm not gloating or anything but that made the proudest Mummy of the week.

This morning I took her to school armed with magazines and my book to read during the two hours I had to hide from her. I was quite looking forward to those hours where I could sit quietly and read. No such luck, the Teacher came out to order me home. Matilda was absolutely fine. Hadn't asked for Mummy. She had just got on with it.

So with my tail between my legs off I went home. The house was deafeningly quiet, empty without the laughter and running around of my little girl. On a positive note I got quite a bit of work done, remarkable what you can achieve when you don't have a toddler to contend with.

Though after an hour I couldn't wait any longer, I dashed back to the school to my waiting place. I couldn't spot her but the teacher spotted me and came out to reassure me that Matilda had been fine and was now eating her fruit. Secretly, a tiny part of my heart sank, she obviously hadn't missed me in the slightest. Her enthusiasm is so infectious, she is just full of all the activities and new friends she's making, that I can't resent her lack of awareness that Mummy is missing her like crazy.

Long may it continue. I guess...