Brighton rocks

Our generous friends who own a beautiful flat in Brighton's Kemp Town, gave us free rein over it in their absence over the Christmas break. So after doing the family thing Boxing Day, we packed up the car with supplies, the what seemed endless Goose, and drove off last Thursday, reaching Brighton in the late afternoon.

Despite the weather's best efforts to deter us from making the most of this spectacular city. We did not succumb, winning the battle in the end against the howling wind and lashing rain. We shopped, drank coffee, ate good soup, walked along the beach, took a peek at the ice rink, had three hours of ear drum bursting activity at the soft play, browsed vintage shops, spent hours poring over second hand bookshops. We watched movies, read books, played games, drank wine, leafed through magazines, created works of art with Matilda, slept in, went to bed late. 

The most wonderful aspect to our few days away was being together as a family without many distractions. There was no internet or chores to distract us enabling us to focus on our little family, Matilda especially appreciated the holiday time she had with her Daddy. Though interestingly she repeatedly asked when we were going on our 'holidays'. I guess her memory only stretches as far as our last holiday in the amazingly hot Cornwall, where she spent whole days on the beach in the hot sun, splashing around in the sea. And bless her she did want to pack her bucket and spade though she finally understood my explaination that A. this was a Winter holiday and B. the beach was going to be full of pebbles so not too conducive to building sand castles.

Nevertheless, we saw a couple of beautiful sunsets including this one below which enhanced the beautiful lights shining on the Pavilion and it's ice rink. A thoroughly wonderful few days spent en famille were the perfect antidote to the manic days spent preparing for not only for our Christmas, but all our clients' Christmases too. Brighton has a restorative, laid back vibe that can't help but rub off on you as soon as you arrive.