A walk in the park

I grabbed my two beautiful god daughters at the weekend, and together with Matilda we all headed to our local Bishops Park.

The park looks appealingly mysterious on dark grey Wintry days, the bare trees swaying in the cold wind but with the promise of Spring round the corner it is a delightful distraction. Yes we saw pink blossom beginning to appear on the branches of a tree, amazing. My hyacinths are also starting to show themselves in the garden, which is so comforting given the end of the festive season. When all we have to look forward to in the next couple of months is cold, grey skies.

The girls chased Matilda, climbed trees, threw themselves down the slides generally having a great time. Needless to say they weren't feeling the cold unlike myself who stood around cradling my piping hot latte trying to generate some heat.

Matilda's abandoned hat.

They had fun, and that's what it is all about. If my little girl is smiling then so am I. And she adores her God sisters (God sisters because I am proud to say they are both my goddaughters) as they do her. Seeing as Matilda will be an only child it is very important to me that she feels close to these girls, from what I can see they treat each other as if they were siblings which is wonderful to see. I have no doubt this affection will continue throughout their lives. Just lovely.