Happy Birthday to Mummy's little girl...

I've finally sat down to catch up with The Killing, after spending the majority of the day baking, cooking and food shopping.

I'm absolutely shattered and can barely hold up my large glass of wine. The reason for all this activity being that my little girl is three years old tomorrow. Seems like yesterday that she arrived bold as brass and as loud as she is now. We should have known from that very first cry, which I can still hear in my ears, that she wouldn't be a shy or retiring type.

She came and turned our lives upside down but now I can't imagine the world without her presence. She has been a constant by my side for the last three years and I love her more than life itself. A part of me she'll always be my baby, that little thing that moved and danced around inside of me for nine months.

Happy Birthday to my wondrous beautiful baby girl, Matilda Rose.