One of those days...

So the day began well yesterday, a productive morning followed by a lovely drive up to Notting Hill, admiring the beautiful trees.

A great meeting with a new client, came away with lots of interesting tasks. A quick coffee in Lisboa in Golborne Road, then back in the car to go pick up Matilda from ballet.

I was driving happily along on the outside lane when the woman in front decided to slam on her breaks, to let a Range Rover cut across her to turn left. As I was going at thirty miles an hour, I had to slam on my breaks managing to stop literally one cm from her car. For a few moments I honestly didn't believe I would manage to avoid hitting her. Thankfully I did. Though I was left in shock and visibly shaky, my legs felt like jelly as I finished the five minute journey home.

What struck me is how in a split second your life can completely change. I'm hopeful that if I had gone into her, I wouldn't have been badly hurt but the car would have been a definite write off. If that were to happen on a motorway when you are driving at high speed, the consequences could be devastating. My thoughts turned immediately to my daughter. Once you become a parent your awareness of your mortality becomes much higher, your constant fear that you may not see them grow up, meet their children does consume your mind at times.

Anyway, enough morbid thoughts it's a Friday after all! And we've got a wonderful weekend ahead of us. Tonight we're off out to see the Alabama Shakes with friends. Then tomorrow we will be leaving Matilda for the whole weekend with her Godmother, whilst the husband and I will head for the Cotswolds. One of our favourite places in the world for a weekend of good food, relaxation, long walks and mooching.

So I bid you farewell and wish you a fabulous weekend.