Jake's Charity Christmas Cards

Liberty London Girl's blog is one I love reading on a daily basis, but her post about Jake's Charity this morning really struck a chord with me. As someone that lost 2 babies that thankfully had great support from my family, friends and Queen Charlotte's Hospital. I realise that some are not so fortunate as my husband and I.

Jake's Charity was set up by his parents after they lost him at birth, a death that had they had the right support could have easily been avoided. Rather than dwell on their pain they set up the charity in his name supporting maternity care, whilst also campaigning against the closure of maternity units.

So please if you haven't yet bought your christmas cards do consider getting them here where all the proceeds will go to helping families who have been affected by the loss of a child.

Take a look at their website and please order from Jake's Charity Christmas Cards.