Too Many Penguins? - Polka Theatre

Too Many Penguins?

Having been to the Polka Theatre numerous times to see clients in shows during my previous life as a Theatrical Agent, it was a joy to finally go and see one of their productions with my own daughter.

We saw Too Many Penguins? there last Saturday. As soon as you go through the doors you enter a magical world created for a child's pleasure. The foyer is filled with wooden rocking horses, drawing and soft play corners, a cute little toy shop. The whole place is for children and for their parents trying to relive their own childhood. Matilda ran straight in, took her coat and got involved straight away.

The studio theatre is intimate, encouraging the children to sit on the floor. There are not many seats here so come prepared in comfy clothing. The show was a two hander with the help of a lot of our two legged friends. Do not expect complex dialogue here, the story is told visually and through a great choice of music. It is just long enough at 40 minutes to hold the little ones attention, Matilda sat all the way through with a big smile on her face, mesmerised by the Polar Bear and Penguin.

The actors were fantastic with a great energy, sensitive to their audience although I must say everyone was very well behaved. It is a charming show, perfectly pitched to children up to the age of three, simple but beautifully effective in challenging their imaginations. Parents were equally delighted to see Penguins peering out of every nook and cranny, a wonderful way to spend 40 minutes of your time! It's on until February but book now as these shows get sold out very quickly.