Petersham Nurseries

Whenever I want to recover a sense of wholesomeness I head to Petersham Nurseries. Yesterday was one such day. I'd been busy all week though mostly stuck indoors restrained by the drizzly rain. I love working from home but at times I do miss the commute, the adrenaline rush as you hear the train announcement that your tube has been cancelled, the hour of reading as you block out those around you. That hankering is only momentary I grant you.

Mostly working from home has been a revelation and a joy, despite it being hard to cut off at a reasonable hour, quite often I end up working late into the evening catching up once Matilda has gone to bed.

Yesterday afternoon was a prime example of why it's so good to work for yourself. At about 3pm I decided I'd had enough and needed some fresh air. I threw caution to the wind, grabbed Matilda and some waterproof clothing and headed towards Richmond Park. We had a gorgeous drive round on the hunt for the deer, admiring the golden yellow and orange of the trees. We spotted lots of deer as close as the side of the road, nibbling away on the grass.

By this point I was gasping for a cup of tea so we quickly turned out at Richmond gate following the windy road down to Petersham. Once home to Skye Gyngell and her innovative cuisine as well as one of the most beautiful garden centres in the UK, it is a magical haven away from the daily grind of life. Filled with exquisite and unique items it is also provides everything one needs for the garden.

The food and cakes are mouthwateringly good. Lunch had long gone so Matilda and I settled for tea for me, apple juice for her and a slice of flourless chocolate cake for the pair of us. Needless to say I only managed one mouthful, as she devoured it pretty promptly. Luckily for Matilda she made friends with a group of children, so I was able to enjoy and dream away my cup of Lapsang whilst watching the rain beat against the conservatory windows. A perfect rainy afternoon at Petersham Nurseries.

Only has eyes for chocolate cake.

Lapsang awaits.

Antique mirrors weathered by time and history.

Unusual decorations for the Christmas table.

I fell in love with this owl, I have a bit of a penchant for these creatures at the moment.

And Matilda wanted to bring home this jolly reindeer.