Parsons Green Farmers Market wares

After having been to our local Parsons Green Farmers Market a few times over the Summer when it had been very quiet and lacking stalls, my hopes for it's longevity rose yesterday.

It was much more buzzy and thriving with a number of new producers displaying their goods. It still doesn't come close to the well established Barnes Fair but it showed more promise yesterday.

I'm a big advocate of supporting the local farmers markets and farmshops. I love the variety of different goods that are available, such as goat meat. I was over the moon, it's not often you come across this in the UK. It is widely consumed in Europe but somehow isn't consumed here in the UK. In fact, I've never seen it sold in London. Wherever possible, I make a point of seeking out the local farmshops. Food tastes so much better in it's rightful season, when it's only travelled a few miles as opposed to half way across the world. We really should be making more of an effort to support our own farming industry, ensuring it's future.

Here are just a few of the goodies I came back with yesterday:

I can't wait to bake the white aubergines and golden beetroot.

The Vacherin is actually from Waitrose but goes perfectly with this handmade white loaf.

A delicious homemade apple pie for a bargainous fiver!

I didn't get the chance to photograph Matilda's beetroot brownie or sausage roll both of which she devoured in no time, but they looked gorgeous. So please do check out your local farmers market at the weekend. Here's where to find one near you Go and explore the marvellous Autumn produce now available!