Isle of Wight carvings: Wight Crafts

Something really peculiar happened to us last weekend at the Blackmoor Apple Tasting day. Something that I would never in this day and age begin to comprehend  or expect.

As we wandered around the craft stalls I was drawn to a big collection of owls, birds and bugs all hand carved. I immediately fell in love with a beautiful unfinished owl which was a steal at £19.50, the owl and me definitely had a mutual connection. We were meant for each other.

However when I looked in my purse I realised I only had a couple of pounds left, I turned to the husband and he looked sadly at me. I repositioned the owl, resigned to having to leave him there. We asked if we could order online and could the owl be posted to us. Remarkably, and here's the incredible thing that happened. The artists turned round and said 'take it you can send us a cheque in the post'.

It was amazing, the unbelievable trust they placed in two complete strangers. At first I felt reluctant to accept their astonishing offer, but they were quite insistent as this way we could save on the postage. Dumbfounded, I accepted and we walked away with our beautiful owl that will live in our garden forever.

Do take a look at Frank and Maretta Heap's website, their work is beautiful. Not only do they sculpt birds and animals, but their board games and pencils are unique and perfect for Christmas presents! Our traditional country crafts are often neglected in this consumer age where designer goods preside, so please think before you buy, and treat yourself to something different. The longevity of our simple country crafts is in our hands, these artists need us to support these crafts.